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FOOD AT ACUTE As a feeding up it is necessary to give buckwheat, porridge, which are richer with iron.

Besides a dietotherapy, at treatment of anemia doctors often appoint to the child iron preparations.

FOOD AT ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISEASES At acute respiratory diseases temperature increases and arises intoxication.

At high temperature the metabolism amplifies, worsens appetite, sometimes there are dispeptichesky frustration, the sleep is interrupted.

Children become whining, excitable.

For increase of resilience of the child of an illness his food has to be full, various and to correspond to age.

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The pressed

The pressed In both cases in dough it is necessary to enter whenever possible more air.

Achieve it sifting of a flour, beating of eggs, sugar and fat, use of warm liquid.

Quantity sugar should not exceed amount of fats.

Salt impacts good relish and not allows dough to blur and stick.

The pressed yeast parts in water or milk, add a little sugar, torments and put in a warm place for minutes.

Dry yeast mixes with a flour.

Bezoparny way of preparation of dough To add salt, eggs, a flour, the diluted yeast, fat to the warmedup liquid and it is good to vent.

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Small Serge, for example, decided

Small Serge, for example, decided Will to fight, while there is power.

And when the power runs out, start looking for other ways to attract the attention of parents.

Small Serge, for example, decided to change the family.

For practical psychologist Elena Bogor mother came Sergei was nine years old.

At first, the woman complained of aggression passive behavior of the son in school and at home, but later revealed the true reason for coming to the specialist.

Serezha wanted to leave the house and to live in the family of my girlfriend, where he was often away.

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And, at last

And, at last We force it to place plates in two columns, will not turn out eight flowers or sixteen plates yet.

Having shown the brightest colors, we start showing the most gentle shades.

Further we show two three plates of one colors, but different shades, also we teach the child to have them as gradualness.

And, at last we show all eight shades of every color.

Having mixed on eight shades of two flowers to the napry.

, red and blue, we offer the child to allocate groups and to arrange shades in each group; then we show groups more and more flowers, related between itself e.

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It contains

It contains In the first three days the mother's breast produces not just milk and colostrum.

It contains very large amounts of protein main building mA material in the body, its energy value in two a half times more than usual maternal ski milk, and in addition it is incredibly the high level of some of immunoglobulins, responsible among the body's resistance to infection Then the child's needs change begins to change the composition of the milk.

Until the end of the first week sec retires socalled transitional milk.

And on the second week milk adjusts the needs of the child, it becomes a socalled typical milk.

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Here unexpected

Here unexpected Then they give a piece of paper to the head mistress also start executing the demanded action.

As one actions demand the help other children who are not able to read, and others materials and work, at us the general begins to boil activity, at a perfect order, and silence is broken only by easy footfall of the running legs and voices of the singing children.

Here unexpected revelation of spontaneous discipline!

Showed experiment to us that drawing up phrases has to precede logical reading, as the letter preceded reading words.

Showed the same experiment to us that if reading has to inspire to the child of concept, it has to be intellectual, reading about itself, but not aloud.

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