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Together Since then, the Clock and the boy became best friends.

Together they had a restful night, and woke up in the morning together the call of the arrow signal.

Rested for the night Service showed the exact time, and rested the boy was cheerful and did well at school.

TALES FOR AGGRESSIVE CHILDREN Quite often psychologists treated moms and dads aggressive children.

Some parents complain that their child fights with peers, others that their son or daughter of go over your Pets, others call their child the destroyer or barbarian, smashing all around, etc.

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Clear scales

Clear scales To wipe a ready rhubarb through a sieve.

Mashed potatoes it is possible to smear on bread, to give with porridge, to put in pies, pancakes.

Fish dishes Before clearing fish of scales, it is necessary to remove fins.

Clear scales special scraper or knife.

Having cleared of scales, it is necessary to cut off the head, to cut a belly lengthways, carefully to remove interiors not to crush gall bladder to cut off a tail and carefully to wash up fish.

If gall bladder nevertheless it will be damaged, it is necessary to rub immediately with salt those places on which bile got and to wash up, differently fish will be bitter.

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It wampa? This

It wampa? This It wampa?

This lamp?

It Yampa?

It lampa?

It Gump?

This Lama?

It sampa?

If after doing the exercises, the child continues to confuse right and wrong correct name of the picture, adult same way analyzes pronunciation other words with the first sound of L see Lotto, Annex .

Perception of sound L in the other thread sounds Listen and remember, as buzzing sailing ship take a picture of the character of the sound L from Appendix .

Put on your hands motion of the ship.

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Does not lose

Does not lose Does not lose a note from parents and teachers General point .

Can perform the small task which is given out to adults during limited time .

Can time, necessary for performance a certain work and to make it perhaps, with the help in time adult .

Can carry out morning procedures for the certain time possibly, practice is necessary General point Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.



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Slightly The crossbeam has to be established on that which to height that the kid easily could reach it, is approximately at the level of the person who is on all fours re benka.

Slightly higher, approximately at the same distance, it is possible to attach the second crossbeam that, rising, the kid could to grasp it and it was convenient to it to stand.

It has to on to be gone approximately breasts of the up to standard kid.

Before finally attaching such turnichok, on put directly on a stick some bottles of different color and the size, having done hole scissors from two parties.

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For example, a vaccine

For example, a vaccine Killed inactivated vaccines contain in the structure of varieties Mick reorganizes that were previously processed, chemical and physical way to reduce their pathogenic effects.

As a rule, they act a short time, and requires reintroducing them to get Stojko the immune response.

For example, a vaccine against hepatitis a, whooping cough, rabies.

Vector recombinant vaccine vaccine produced by means of genetic engineering.

The essence of the method pathogen genes responsible for synthesis of protective antigen is inserted into the genome of a harmless organism, which is under cultivation produces and stores the corresponding antigen.

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  • First, it is not necessary to think as if one education of feelings it is possible to reach everything that zha Montessori reaches all the work at school.To spend almost all morning on education of feelings means to attach it undeserved significance I exclude the very young children.It is not proved even that it strongly influenced the general work of feelings, not to mention zaglusheniya of broader physical and public work.Secondly, isolation feelings it has to be made with some care.
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  • The child receives the prices ny lessons of development and use of skills out of a conflict zone household chores and other unpleasant occupations.At the same time you can choose one two tasks which cause most of all problems and to develop special strategy of intervention, that to teach the child to perform this work and to create the necessary organizational skills.Informal training to organizational skills Researches show that children, whose mothers use verbal ny support, by six years more developed skills of the decision have tasks and purposeful behavior organizational skills, than what mothers do not apply this equipment.
  • So if there lived and never left.But one day from his native caves Soro ka brought Arame evil tidings the Little drachenka Pasha stole the sorcerer Aggressive and hid it in a more dense forest and impassable in the hole dark and terrible.And no one will be able to save him.No one will be able to save him, echoed in news heart Yarema.Dad and mom them dragon body such large, and the wings are wide, and the entrance to the burrow such narrow that annoying kid they can not, said Yarema.
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