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Will Bind

Will Bind CARNIVAL COSTUME Approaching new year holiday.

All the guys kindergarten together STE with parents prepared carnival costumes.

Andreyko decided himself to make the costume Buratino.

Smeared it cheeks red blush mi, then cut the cardboard and tried to turn it into a tube.

And Kar the tone then turns around the tube does not keep.

will Bind up the cardboard re sincai, will attach to the nose, 'm a Rhino, decided Andrey the AC.

Took a rubber band.

Tied, tied, nothing comes out.

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They gathered

They gathered The proud lion and the trembling Hare approached the circus.

Strict Fox missed the Lion, and the Hare with sticks blocked the road Without a ticket to the circus no means no!

The lion took a menacing look and said the Fox, Don't you understand Fox that I am in the circus can eat.

And, pointing to the animals, doba pitchfork And this is my gam Boer ger!

WIKUSY PIE One morning Volodya was held in the holiday village and noticed for the fence of the three girls.

They gathered around the table and something quickened but talked.

Volodya stood behind a tree and listened.

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Thus it is necessary

Thus it is necessary .

Feeding in a prone position.

Conveniently in a case Cesarean section; epiziotomiya a type of a section of soft tissues of crotch of the woman in time of the natural patrimonial act on medical indications; at night feeding.

Thus it is necessary to put the child sideways, to press him, to watch, that the head was not developed in relation to a humeral belt.

Does not follow to lean the head on a hand as the hand quickly is tired.


Situation from under a hand.

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I advise

I advise Each company is trying to diversify your speakers assortment, and hence the power of your baby.

I advise parents at introduction in a diet of the child some unusual combinations of products, the largest ever to sirovtsya with your doctor, and also to pay attention to the reaction of the baby, giving it a new food first very small amounts, and then, in the absence negative reaction, gradually increasing.


Milk is a food Milk is traditionally considered to be the best Pro the product is for children.

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In winter

In winter Favourite rhyme sauce.

In winter cold every young.

Here's a fun idea is to run on a string snake.

Th RIT green star, run the spaceship there.

Sick monkey and forgot eat bananas.

The call is ringing, the bell rings, children he calls on the lesson.

The castle for wing Bunny, he's sitting calling mistress.

Dog the goat shall bear bouquet is delicious to her lunch.

The funny monkeys have green bananas.

At the fence goat, the goat sad the eye.

Securing the pronunciation of sound in funny chistogovorki, free Sizzling sounds Clearly, highlighting the sound , say every couple of chistogovorki.

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Cut the cards

Cut the cards One, two, three, four, five Show yourselves to me again remove hands from your eyes!

Game develops coordination.

Two and a half to three years Find mate You will need two identical set of postcards.

Cut the cards from one set in half.

Polo the residents before the baby is a postcard and halves from different postcards.

Show half of the cards and ask them to find under walking to her.

If not, start together to make this the other half cut pictures.

Will complicate the task ask the kid is not already , and halves.

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