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Speech therapist

Speech therapist Before consulting a therapist, You can teach a child times to lichti similar sounding words, for example Kashka CAS ka, Kolobok boxes, a barrel the kidney, daughter point, Mish ka bowl.

Speech therapist will make an individual correctional about gram, will offer classes and activities necessary VA our child.

Learn to communicate.

Etiquette Speech development of the child requires the ability not just to generate and to understand the statement, but also have different different models of speech behavior inherent in the social environment.

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Who is eligible

Who is eligible Who is eligible for benefits and privileges?

What is the size of public transfer?

Under what conditions can they be obtained?

These issues are hidden quite specific, in fact we will help you razobratsya Everything parents need to know about vaccinations Whooping cough Unvaccinated and defective vaccinated for example, passed a partial course children entering immunoglobulin twice with an interval of hours early time after exposure.

You can also chemoprophylaxis erythromycin only according to specifications the doctor!

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During Buy thin books with the elementary fairy tales, cut out an illyustr also paste tion on pieces of cardboard.

They can be used for playing of the fairy tale instead of toys or it is simple to display in the necessary order.

Acquaint the child with the name of parts of days.

During the day say that was in the morning, and that will be in the evening.

For fixing of knowledge find in the nursery to informative literature or make photograph one and same look at different times days, for example view from your window.

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  • First, it is not necessary to think as if one education of feelings it is possible to reach everything that zha Montessori reaches all the work at school.To spend almost all morning on education of feelings means to attach it undeserved significance I exclude the very young children.It is not proved even that it strongly influenced the general work of feelings, not to mention zaglusheniya of broader physical and public work.Secondly, isolation feelings it has to be made with some care.
  • Explain the meaning of each word.I Ant Sparrow, grass firewood, mole mouth, crown cow picture basket, doctor Grach.Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R at the beginning of each word Check the meanings of unknown words.Clearly, highlighting voice sound R, repeat each I blow a few words.Then say a few words in memory.Timid Roma.Ragged shirt.Smooth frame.Ukraine racket.Torn gloves.Tall Roma.Romina rocket.
  • The child receives the prices ny lessons of development and use of skills out of a conflict zone household chores and other unpleasant occupations.At the same time you can choose one two tasks which cause most of all problems and to develop special strategy of intervention, that to teach the child to perform this work and to create the necessary organizational skills.Informal training to organizational skills Researches show that children, whose mothers use verbal ny support, by six years more developed skills of the decision have tasks and purposeful behavior organizational skills, than what mothers do not apply this equipment.
  • So if there lived and never left.But one day from his native caves Soro ka brought Arame evil tidings the Little drachenka Pasha stole the sorcerer Aggressive and hid it in a more dense forest and impassable in the hole dark and terrible.And no one will be able to save him.No one will be able to save him, echoed in news heart Yarema.Dad and mom them dragon body such large, and the wings are wide, and the entrance to the burrow such narrow that annoying kid they can not, said Yarema.
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