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Children Ravizza's toys, it is similar to tabs, are cut out on a contour and are painted; coloring supplements idea of a contour.

Children stories howl that the toy means.

They with pleasure take it in hand, examine from all directions, play.

The purpose of these art toys to accustom the child to interpretation of figures, which he sees in the illustrated books, in pictures, etc.

It is known, with what work the sense of figures is given to small children who only swell out eyes with curiosity, burning down thirst to understand.

It is known also, with what pleasure they start examining later beautiful pictures in the books received as a gift.

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Even if you can help

Even if you can help If you do not see any improvements or understand that to you there is no time or skills to teach the child to write compose niya and reports talk to the teacher about, whether it is possible to organize additional support in school.

Even if you can help re benka, it is worth asking for the help if you see that the child strongly lags behind in comparison with contemporaries.

Chapter .

Otovy plans for training of your child in performance of daily tasks Tab.


A template for writing of the text of five paragraphs Introductory paragraph The offer speaks about a subject generally The offer concretizes the main idea which you want to inform The offer adds more details or explains why the subject is so important Paragraphs of the main part Paragraph , the offer with the main idea Additional detail Additional detail Additional detail Paragraph , the offer with the main idea Additional detail Additional detail Additional detail Paragraph , the offer with the main idea Additional detail Additional detail Additional detail Final paragraph Once again formulate the most important thought which you want to inform that has to to understand the reader after work reading Dawson P.

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When breastfeeding

When breastfeeding Albumine contain a lot of sulfur, while casein phosphorus.

Contents amino acids in women's milk are nearly times less, than in cow, but them the ratio more corresponds to needs of the child on the first year of life.

The hydrolytic enzymes containing in are of particular importance breast milk and participating in the proteolysis.

When breastfeeding the composition of fats, as % is of great importance the power value of women's milk becomes covered at the expense of fat.

Basic component of fat are triglycerides.

Nutrition value of triglycerides cow's milk, expressed by assimilation coefficient, below, than female respectively % and %.

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But thus

But thus In any to a sl tea parents, the teacher should not allow the child to break from a hook.

They have to involve system which will help reben ku to bear for itself responsibility.

But thus constant control from their party it is not cancelled.

Whether it is worth waiting that the class teacher will help mine re benka to develop organizational skills more effectively?

Teachers, capable to give effective support in development of skills, give to all class of a task for organization, planning, working pas to rumple and planning of time.

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If feeding

If feeding Reaction of the child to feeding.

Sign of that the child of the first months of life is hungry, is that it looks for a breast, turns the head, opens a mouth and puts out tongue; seniors children turn to a breast, touch it by a hand.

If feeding takes place successfully, the child who is at a breast is quiet and relaxed.

As mother supports a breast during feeding.

It is not necessary to hold a breast between index and average fingers as cigarette or to squeeze its big and index fingers.

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Differentiation Soap gray, and washes it white.

Mara small, lacquer shed.

Among white doves one grey Sparrow.

Kira soap soap Ira.

Loggers on tables laid axes.

Clever mole climbed up onto the raft.

Deftly I take a saw and saw wood sawing.

Said Soroca Soroca I, as the fish are silent on the lesson.

Differentiation of sounds L L P R in the poetic texts.

The development of intonation expressiveness of speech Listen to the story in verse.

Speak them with the expression and paraphrase his words you.

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FOOD AT ACUTE As a feeding up it is necessary to give buckwheat, porridge, which are richer with iron.

Besides a dietotherapy, at treatment of anemia doctors often appoint to the child iron preparations.

FOOD AT ACUTE RESPIRATORY DISEASES At acute respiratory diseases temperature increases and arises intoxication.

At high temperature the metabolism amplifies, worsens appetite, sometimes there are dispeptichesky frustration, the sleep is interrupted.

Children become whining, excitable.

For increase of resilience of the child of an illness his food has to be full, various and to correspond to age.

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