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For example, a vaccine

For example, a vaccine Killed inactivated vaccines contain in the structure of varieties Mick reorganizes that were previously processed, chemical and physical way to reduce their pathogenic effects.

As a rule, they act a short time, and requires reintroducing them to get Stojko the immune response.

For example, a vaccine against hepatitis a, whooping cough, rabies.

Vector recombinant vaccine vaccine produced by means of genetic engineering.

The essence of the method pathogen genes responsible for synthesis of protective antigen is inserted into the genome of a harmless organism, which is under cultivation produces and stores the corresponding antigen.

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Cutlets dietary

Cutlets dietary Potatoes and carrots to clear and cut slices, largely to cut onions.

To connect everything and to fill in with broth, to salt, cook to readiness.

To strew with greens.

Cutlets dietary Veal g, cottage cheese g, egg piece, milk glasses, oil the creamy tablespoon, sour cream tablespoon, salt to taste.

Veal to wash up and pass via the meat grinder together with cottage cheese.

To add and it is good to shake up salt, butter, milk, egg.

To form cutlets and to steam.

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Acute disease

Acute disease Temporary contraindications most vaccines are for the healthy people or patients, in the course of the disease or condition which the vaccine will not have a negative impact.

For maximum security, the vaccine should not be administered to patients the state which may be degraded or disease which strengthened negative dastam these drugs.

Acute disease The most common situations when children who must be done routine vaccination, sweat moment suffer an acute illness.

General recommendations in this case are that the vaccine should be given after weeks recovery.

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When giving

When giving Ready fish to fill in with marinade and to boil.

When giving to strew with greens.

The cod baked with egg and milk Fish g, a flour g, melted butter g, onion g, egg pieces, milk ml, potatoes g.

To salt, roll in a portion piece of treskovy fillet in a flour and to roast on melted butter.

To place fried fish on a frying pan, around to put fried potatoes to add the browned onions, to fill in with mix from eggs, and milk and to bake torments.

The som fried with tomatoes Fish g, a flour g, tomato g, greens to taste, melted or butter for frying g.

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To inform

To inform; to inform a health visitor about observing the first child days after the introduction of inactivated vaccine, and th and th day after the in troduction Denia living vaccines VACCINATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS In our country has a special procedure for vaccination of the population ing.

Just note that national vaccination calendars developed almost in every civilized country.

Belarusian calendar of preventive vaccination is set by the resolution № see tab.


Table Calendar of preventive vaccination in Belarus Age The first hours life the first days of life ] month months months months year months Name vaccinations I vaccination against hepatitis b Vaccination against tuberculosis I vaccination against viral hepatitis b I be vaccinated against the WPPT criteria, tetanus, and pertussis polio I be vaccinated against the WPPT criteria, tetanus, and pertussis polio I vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polinomiale the viral hepatitis b Vaccination against measles, epidemic ical mumps and rubella Name of vaccine HBV vaccine against hepatitis b BCG Bacillus of Kalmeta Gerena or BCG M weakened HBV DTP pertussis adsorbed gifte the series tetanus vaccine + IPV inacti vorovannaya polio vaccine DTP + IPV DTP, IPV, HBV or combined HAC care DTP + IPV + HBV The combined MMR vaccine measles, PA Rotic, rubella or monovackzina against measles, mumps, krasnukhi Everything parents need to know about vaccinations End table.

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The herring

The herring Freshsalted fish a salmon, a salmon, a Siberian salmon at first is smoothed out.

Cut fish on pieces, since a tail.

The herring is cut on slices on sandwich.

Cheese is divided into big pieces, and squared cheese is cut lengthways, and round on sectors.

The products intended for sandwiches cut not earlier than before minutes before giving.

At storage appearance of sandwiches quickly worsens.

The sandwiches with fat products having sharp taste, and also not possessing well expressed taste, prepare on rye bread.

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Game develops

Game develops Zipolite under the table, wardrobe, hide in another room!

Now exchange roles.

When you catch a small little mouse, picked up on hands and kiss.

Game develops motor activity and addressed em mood.

Let's pasakuma!

Kids love to pokatatsya.

They try very hard, even put a finger to his lips, after talking whispers it's so mysterious!

And children are very rop are, if they do it, Whisper something toddler.

For Example C'mon let's play.

Ask him to whisper in response.

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