Sweet cottage

Sweet cottage Cottage cheese with milk and raisin Cottage cheese g, raisin h.

a spoon, sugar h.

spoons, milk ml.

To wipe cottage cheese through a sieve, to part with milk, properly to stir with the sugar and raisin without stones which is washed out in cold boiled water.

To give with milk.

Sweet cottage cheese Cottage cheese g, sugar glasses, vanilla sugar h.

spoons, grated lemon dried peel, milk.

To mix cottage cheese with sugar, spices and such amount of milk, that cream turned out.

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But to cope

But to cope Gathered elves on the Council and began to think, how to stop Goblin and send it back.

Finally decided to get flower oblivion.

The elves knew that at one distant meadow grows wonderful flower and if Goblin will inhale his scent, forget what has arrived, and will return to his home.

But to cope with such a task not everyone can you need to be very strong and brave to go for plants and time to return until the aroma of it wears off.

Strong elves are many, but the brave.

All the elves knew the bold is fly.

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It would

It would The book is intended for parents of children from preschool to an average school age, and also for teachers, psychologists and specialists in children's development.

It is heavy to observe day by day, how the capable child hardly copes with simple tasks and duties.

It would seem, is not present that difficult in writing down a task on mathematics, not to forget the textbook at school and to make lessons till the evening.

Why your daughter not mo zht to cope with it?

After all it understands mathematics, and the teacher it confirms.

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GUESS, WHO IT? The adult

GUESS, WHO IT? The adult For example an ant boxes, an elephant the house, a mouse a cat, Karan you will give a samovar and so on.

Or on the contrary you call something, and the child selects a subject, a cat ry there is less than called.


The adult calls some words it is desirable ispolzo to vat generally adjectives, describing this or that animal.

The child's task as soon as possible to guess, about whom there is a speech.

At first it is necessary to give more general descriptions.

Then to call more exact signs, characteristic only for for gadanny being.

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Cortney senior

Cortney senior It always was very responsible girl.

Cortney senior from three children in se to mya, and parents always expect from it good results.

She plays in field hockey, it has some close friends whom it is a zna et from elementary grades.

She is a horoshistka and has to apply much efforts to be highly appreciated.

In particular, the mathematics is given it is very hard for it, especially now when they began to study the initial algebra.

Soon Cortney should write control on mathematics, and it every time loses courage, having only thought of it.

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And soon

And soon He worked day and night, without interruption for a few hours of sleep.

And soon marble block turned into a handsome youth.

So, what beauty was hidden in me!

exclaimed delightedly zero Stone!

The statue was installed on the Central square.

Citizens vos was chysalis them Look, why, he's alive!

Nothing like we used to 't seen, this is a sculptor, that's the master of the Great master!

So, the young man gave the stone a new life, and he brought glory to him the best sculptor!

Give me your butterfly, beeches!

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Potential As well as in a case with our many other abilities, at them two main istoch nickname biology and experience.

Potential to development organizational nava k the congenital.

It can be compared to development of language.

Of course, at the birth organizational skills, as well as language, exist only as potential.

It means that in a brain is biological instrumen you for their development.

However some biological factors can in liyat on this about c ess.

It is gray ez Nye of herbs ma m oz the child's hectare, osobenn about frontal lobes, will affect formation of organizational skills.

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  • First, it is not necessary to think as if one education of feelings it is possible to reach everything that zha Montessori reaches all the work at school.To spend almost all morning on education of feelings means to attach it undeserved significance I exclude the very young children.It is not proved even that it strongly influenced the general work of feelings, not to mention zaglusheniya of broader physical and public work.Secondly, isolation feelings it has to be made with some care.
  • Explain the meaning of each word.I Ant Sparrow, grass firewood, mole mouth, crown cow picture basket, doctor Grach.Consolidation pronunciation of the sound R at the beginning of each word Check the meanings of unknown words.Clearly, highlighting voice sound R, repeat each I blow a few words.Then say a few words in memory.Timid Roma.Ragged shirt.Smooth frame.Ukraine racket.Torn gloves.Tall Roma.Romina rocket.
  • The child receives the prices ny lessons of development and use of skills out of a conflict zone household chores and other unpleasant occupations.At the same time you can choose one two tasks which cause most of all problems and to develop special strategy of intervention, that to teach the child to perform this work and to create the necessary organizational skills.Informal training to organizational skills Researches show that children, whose mothers use verbal ny support, by six years more developed skills of the decision have tasks and purposeful behavior organizational skills, than what mothers do not apply this equipment.
  • So if there lived and never left.But one day from his native caves Soro ka brought Arame evil tidings the Little drachenka Pasha stole the sorcerer Aggressive and hid it in a more dense forest and impassable in the hole dark and terrible.And no one will be able to save him.No one will be able to save him, echoed in news heart Yarema.Dad and mom them dragon body such large, and the wings are wide, and the entrance to the burrow such narrow that annoying kid they can not, said Yarema.
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